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This page will include the YouTube usernames of many people who I consider to be great reptile keepers. It will also have a short description of what I think the person is most known for. Example: "Blank" is known for keeping large snakes like Burmese pythons and Reticulated pythons. I would suggest subscribing to their videos if you get on YouTube often.


Boas04 - Has some Boas like Kenyan Sands, Pythons, Tegus, etc.

DubbsReefs - A few DIY videos of saltwater aquariums. (non-reptile)

ErikPatterson - Has a variety of different snakes, lizards, etc.

estrungfool - Has a wicked time lapse video of a homemade cage for his red tail.

hermitcrabcare - As the name says nice hermit crab videos.

Herper666 - Kid who has a variety of reptiles and amphibians. (might have switched accounts)

mack1time - Has some leopard geckos, some red tailed boas, and more.

merseysidesnakemoph - Sorry no info right now.

oggiereptiles - Australian that has tons of reptiles.

raulesparza - Posted some extremely nice videos, no clue where he went!

ReptileMan27 - Good informative videos. Has some frogs and other amphibians.

ReptilePad - Has a few big snakes and geckos.

SnakeBytesTV - Brian from BHB Reptiles. Great breeder, videos posted weekly, cool content.

tylervsmith - Has some crested geckos and plans on breeding more.

viperkeeper - Hands down best venomous snake keeper. (in my opinion)

If you can't find a person listed I may have misspelled their name. Send me an e-mail and let me know. This keyboard is unresponsive a times and even though I hit keys it doesn't register at times.

If you know of anyone who has a good collection of reptile videos, and/or adds more videos frequently on YouTube, contact me via email and let me know their username.