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My Pets

Reptiles and Amphibians

1.0.0 - Normal Ball Python
1.0.0 - Midland Painted Turtle
0.1.0 - Western Ornate Box Turtle
0.1.0 - Normal Leopad Gecko (Sold)


I call any animals that has fur a furry. Could be a dog, cat, ferret, or bear. I will list all that have below.

Female Chocolate Lab
Female Calico Cat
Female Tiger Cat

What do the numbers beside my reptiles mean?

When you see the number 0.0.0 it means there are 0 males, 0 females, and 0 unknowns. If you see 1.0.1 it means there is 1 male, 0 females, and 1 unknown. If you see 0.1.0 it means there are 0 males, 1 female, and 0 unknown. Basically the first number stands for the number of males, the second number stands for the number of females, and the third number stands for the number of unknown genders. Some people just use 0.0 and exclude the third number when there are no unknowns.


Currently I am laid-off so this list won't be updating that much. I won't be able to afford any new animals right now. Although, I am always looking on Craiglist and other classifieds for people giving away or selling reptiles cheap.