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IRC Reptile Chat

If you would like to talk online about reptiles or need some advice about your reptiles you can visit this server and channel on any IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client. If you are new to IRC and you would like more information about how to obtain a client, and how to use a client, please drop me an e-mail. You can also click the PJIRC image below.

Port: 6667
Channel: #The_Reptile_Chat_Room

Or, click the image below to join via. Freenode PJIRC.


If you would rather use an IRC client here are two clients that I would recommend. I know there are many more clients out there and you can use any of them to connect to the server. Also, check out the PJIRC website to learn more about the applet. You can check out Freenode, as well, to get your free PJIRC HTML Code for your website or blog.


XChat (Only Free for Linux)