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General Info

Hello everyone, I've decided to make this site as a little "side hobby" for when there is nothing else to do. Although this site is directed towards reptiles and amphibians you may find information about other pets as well. I plan to include care sheets, photos, links to other great reptile sites, and information regarding me and my pets. Go ahead and take a look around.


What's New?

Here I will list anything I have changed on the site that I think may be important. This way everyone won't have to look at every page to see if I have changed or added anything since their last visit. I will include the date that I changed or added content, what I changed or added, and maybe a link to the page (for easier access). After a month of being posted I think it will be safe to assume that anyone who comes to the site often will already know of the changes.

5/17/09 - Added "Save Steve's Place" banner to the front page! Click it!
5/3/09 - Added United States Association of Reptile Keepers banners!
1/3/09 - Finished Ball Python Care Sheet.
1/2/09 - Started working on the site.

Sorry about the ads at the top and bottom of the site. I am working on getting a domain name and buying a premium service pack to host this site on. I hope the ads don't bother anyone to much. Thanks!

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