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Reptile Links, Etc.

On this page I will list great reptile sites. This includes sites that sell or trade reptiles, chat about reptiles (chat rooms and forums), provide information about reptiles, etc. These sites may also include content about other types of pets as well.

Links: (US & UK based)

United States


BHB Reptiles - Sells good quality pythons, boas, and colubrids.
Kingsnake - Has a forum, chat, videos, classifieds, info, and more.
LLLReptile - Sells reptiles, amphibians, bugs, spiders, supplies, and more.
PetSolutions - Sells a large variety of reptiles. As well as supplies for reptiles.
All Ohio Shows - Official website for the two biggest expos in Ohio. (I live in Ohio) 

United Kingdom



Check out the YouTube page for a list of great reptile keepers that have many videos uploaded to YouTube. I'd recommend subscribing to all of them!